"One Outlier Changes Everything"

Outliers is an interdisciplinary development company that is dedicated to understanding the lives of people who see the world different so they can thrive in today’s culture.

Case Studies

Take your time and read through some the clients of outliers. See some of their challenges, our initiatives, the reasoning behind our approach and finally the results that were experienced.


Founder of Why Bravo & The sales Game

“Nat is the single most skilled, intuitive and effective of any coach I have met when it comes to personal growth. There is none better.”

– Darcy

2008 Olympian & Leadership Coach

“Each time I see him a walk away feeling taller and more bullet proof with things I can actually implement, a real genius that takes years to come by.”

– Marty

Head of marketing Moogoo Skin Care

“Nat has a gift; he can see things other people miss and allows the individual to be the source for the curriculum in their own personal development.”

– Megan

International Actress

“Every time I speak with Nat, I leave feeling uplifted with a deep sense of ease, His intuitive capacity is profound.”

– Kendal

Is This You

  1. You have a full and complex life with multiple projects happening at once.
  2. Success and achievement seems to be built into you.
  3. You swing between bouts of deep prolonged focus and wanting to withdraw from the world.
  4. You desire peace and freedom but your ambition gets in the way .
  5. At times you struggle with a core or stable identity, feeling like you must be all things to all people.
  6. At times you can feel deeply alone.
  7. You struggle with normative social and relationship expectations .

What We Do

  1. Deep self understanding of the Outlier personality type.
  2. Develop emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity.
  3. Build and design personal complexity management frameworks.
  4. Cultural and business health development.
  5. Integrate the compassion and wisdom of the East into the growth development and technology of the West. (ambition and peace)

Results We See Every Day

  1. A slower pace of thinking resulting in more presence, innovation, joyful pursuits and life satisfaction.
  2. Our clients experience an ease of results uncanny to when they first started their craft or business.
  3. Irritation and frustration are soothed in valuable personal relationships.
  4. Significant increases in primary mental skills (calm, focus, confidence, trust, optimism).
  5. Large jumps in business revenue and/or complete restructures in business.
  6. Sense of loneliness and yearning replaced with wholeness and stillness in the personality.
  7. Many of our clients often end up collaborating with us on further projects.

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