Further you go the more narrow it becomes

The further you go the more narrow it becomes


Aim high, and then higher again. proceed to dissect this aim into its subsequent objectives. Manage these objectives into a time format, weekly, monthly, whatever works for you. Now for entertainment’s sake, what would it require from you to get everything done in a quarter of the time? Maybe you act on your answers maybe you don’t? but it will require of you a new way to think, it will bring into question your inherent value structure. Are you willing to delegate some sections and trust another person? are you willing to spend money in areas to save a few hours? You may simply state an aim that you don’t want, it won’t matter for the sake of the experiment. If you are still on board with this, it has a stage two. Work yourself in an unsustainable way- push and push until you emotionally or physically pop. But isn’t that bad? incorrect its precisely what you need, once you find your true limit it plugs the gaps you cannot see and you can find your highest load that is sustainable over a 10 year period, it organises your spirit into its most habitable condition.

“Don’t pay the Ferryman until you get to the other side” couldn’t be further from the truth, in this case, you will have to pay and pay a great deal but if you do the Ferryman will certainly row. What is that you are paying with? do you remember you what your primary school teacher would say when you would drift off in class? “Sally, pay attention” Your currency is your attention. The further you traverse along the road of your aim the more narrow the road gets and the better you get at saying ‘no’. The picture at the start you have an ungodly amount of starting positions, so much so that excessive freedom cripples our mind. An ungodly amount of starting positions poses an extreme threat of an equal amount of anomalies and unknowns. Therefore it’s not unreasonable to think you may have to start over a minimum of 5 times before something sticks and your conceptual model yields a result. So start small with minimal risk but the maximum return on anomaly consolidation or absorbing the perceived randomness into your model as you go and then on the fly re-producing your plans.

Extended exposure to this type of volatility and uncertainty quickly generalises the world around you into 3 clear categories. We must recognise the utility in our generalisations, if we didn’t harshly generalise it would take us 8 hours to do the shopping. So much complex computation planning the details of every mealtime, type, volume, and ingredients that it would exhaust our cognitive resources. The point here to never leave an environment when you find yourself in an over-stimulated state of anxious, uncertain, or overwhelm. Let your inbuilt cybernetic system orientate you, the 3 categories that come into play when we choose to dig our heels in are ‘tools’ anything that we can leverage to advance our position, ‘Anomalies’ things that seemingly pose a threat and ‘irrelevant’ anything that does not require our payment of attention that becomes very easy to say ‘no’ to. With every bout of progression your focus narrows, more of the world becomes irrelevant, more tools take shape, some anomalies dissipate, dissolve, or get absorbed in place of the new anomalies.

This constitutes part of the feeling of momentum. An observation that I have seen within myself and others is that the further down the road they go the better they can operate under fatigue, it’s not like they feel it any less, it’s more like it becomes a requirement of performance. A common technique used in Olympic weightlifting, a highly technical skill-based discipline is to perform technical movements while under fatigue. What it requires of the individual is an instant upgrade in focus on the immediacy of the moment. What happens is quite miraculous, when the body is fatigued but the mind is paying attention there is an intelligence that finds the most efficient way possible to perform the lift as to minimise further fatigue sharpening technique precisely to the structure of the individual- a form of perfection not available to the conscious mind or even the sharpest coaches eye.

This phenomenon extends past the observable world into the nature of progress. Push to fatigue and don’t leave the environment, let your body of intelligence self-organise in ways you cannot see, pay attention to this organising principle for rapid iteration, fatigue management, and clearly defined categories so you can speak and act clearly. How do you know if you have things correct? you will be experiencing the results you planned to achieve extrinsically and intrinsically, adapt the pragmatic truth before you go looking for existential truth.