Get your shit together

You’re only fearful of the future because you can’t get your shit together today. because you can’t You’re going to pay a heavy cost, there will always be something owed. You don’t get to choose NOT to pay a price. The self delusion movement of today has a bunch of people aimlessly walking around trying to to avoid challenge but move forward. Thats like saying “ I want to go swimming but avoid getting wet.” It’s no wonder you’re tired, confused and agitated.

You don’t get to choose not to pay a price, your only choice is which pain is worth bearing?

Then bear it with everything you have.

There is literally nothing unique about what causes suffering to you, circumstantially yes but contextually no. You will be criticised, oppressed and taken advantage of, thats the nature of the beast. The real question is why you take it personally? and your subsequent answer determines the trajectory of your life.

One day a scorpion needed to cross the river so he asked the frog “can you take me across the river?” The frog answered “why would i do that you could easily kill me.” The scorpion replied with “If i was to do that i would also drown,” so the frog in his ignorance saw the logic and agreed. As the frog was half way across the river the scorpion savagely attacked the frog, as the frog was dying he said “why would you do that to me? your going to drown.”

The scorpion simply replied with “it’s in my nature”

This is a representation of the natural state of things. Nonsensical, chaotic and unjust. If you remain passive and do not engage with yourself you will forever be the frog, ignorant to the harsh reality and taking everything personally. Im pleading with you to become active, stand for something, put yourself together and bear a responsibility. Stop asking for easy, thats not for you. The only way out of this is wearing a bloodied grin while you jump back in for round two.

It’s only once you stop, swivel on both feet and glare directly into what your running away from do you have a shot. Advance in the new direction, intimidate what your hiding from, find the areas of you that are downright evil and deploy that against your hurt. Whatever it takes to prove to yourself that you will always be bigger than anything the nature of the beast has for you.

Only then can you be bigger than life itself.