Marty Rabjohns Case Study

Prepared by: Nathaniel Hodges
Case Study
Case Number 079



Marty competed in the Beijing 2008 olympics, he is no stranger to extremely hard work, the highest level of
competition and pressure. Marty then went on to complete his masters in leadership relevant to elite sport
and now advises some the biggest leadership programs being rolled out in QLD health. It is extremely
challenging for people who are developed through high level academy from an early age to integrate back into
societal living where there is no longer an expectations to always be pushing boundaries. Marty felt most at
home when the pressure was on, when everyone else seemed to be falling by the way side and he had to be
of ultimate service. Marty found it difficult to accept accolades, do things in service of himself and say no to
people. This can manifest in some uncomfortable living situations and can be detrimental to stability.


  1. Not deeply understanding his own level of competence (holding back).
  2. Putting everyone else first in an unbalanced way.
  3. Holding onto some past experiences from his professional career.
  4. Feeling stuck in a relationship.
  5. Wrestling with a felt sense of loneliness.

Measures (Pre initiative measures)

Mental skills assessment (/10)

Focus -6
Confidence -7
Trust- 2
Mindfulness- 5
Optimism -9

Purpose in life measure (/100)

(This measure is the the standardised measure for feeling a sense of meaning and purpose for your life, the Australian average is 45. Anything under 50 is a sign for concern and can increase in 3 points shows a noticeable change in your life.)

Project Outline

Listed below are some (not all) of the initiatives we engaged in to move Megan through the challenges she was

  1. Integrating Body & Mind
    This is an all too common problem in high functioning people, It is when the body has one idea and the mind or thoughts have a different idea. The experience can be that of a panic attack, numbing, dissociation, hyper vigilant analysis or highly strung aggression. This can happen be out of nowhere or with specific triggers, the body is having an overwhelming emotional experience and the greater developed mind is saying things like ‘get yourself together, your fine just relax, you shouldn’t be like this’. This separation is a desynchronisation and requires specific practices and conditions to first elevate and then close off the original cause.
  2. Self Concept Development
    Outliers most direct approach with the self structure is through a framework called ‘Self Concept’ it is made up of
    – Jungian Individuation (wholeness)
    – Developmental altitude
    – Self talk
    – Self Eval (self assessment, self enhancement, self verification, self improvement)
    – Character
    Each piece above comes with thought experiments and introspection to build, reinforce and heal the self concept.
  3. Mental Skills Training
    These are designed as we go specific to the needs of the person but they are a mix of the following
    – Focus
    – Confidence
    – Calm
    – Trust
    – Optimism
    – Vigour

Each of the mental skills above and a process for training and embedding in the personality. Like anything, once trained enough. They become the default position to be acted out in the world.


  1. An immediate sense of relief just by description of Martys inner world. A sense of relatability and a path out of the ‘stuckness’ became clear.
  2. The vigour for life returned, an exciting future became available again and the enjoyment of direction and purpose.
  3. Marty lead, delivered and pitched the biggest proposal of his professional career.
  4. Marty put the necessary processes in place to unhook himself from a moral dilemma that had become an extensive energy drain.
  5. Marty up-skilled himself with multiple developmental tools that created an entirely new self concept and growth driven self evaluation.
  6. Marty created an entirely new context for his past experiences and has found more life supporting ways to be energised, motivated and driven. No longer a sacrifice to the pursuit of performance.

Mental skills assessment (/10)

Focus -8
Confidence -7
Trust- 6
Mindfulness- 9
Optimism -9
Purpose in life measure (/100)
75 /100

'Nat's target approach to building clarity and purpose in his clients lives is unmatched. He Builds trusted relationship to explore the depths of the human experience. His knowledge, expertise and lived experience has a unique ability to zone in and pinpoint key moments that reveal vital self knowledge. Each time I see him a walk away feeling taller and more bullet proof with things I can actually implement. It has become clear that everything with Nat is a collaborative journey . He has an ability to connect me to myself to explore so much more of my character I didn't know existed. A core piece for me was realising the integration of the whole person and moving me away from always trying to solve parts. You meet people in life that sometimes you just say ' you re doing exactly what you re here to do' A real genius with a passion to search for answers that takes years to come by and live.'
-Marty Rabjohns

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