Megan Granville Case Study

Prepared by: Nathaniel Hodges
Case Study
Case Number 075



Megan had been working at a high level for a number of years and was introduced to me via a mutual friend. It
was clear that Megan had a very high aptitude for -intra-personal discovery and development. She had no
problem creating and implementing effective strategies in her career but had some confusion around who she
was in a relationship, what she wanted out of life and what she truly enjoyed for the sake of enjoyment not out
of career obligation. Megan has an eclectic personality, composed of many sides, the benefit was her ability to
move in many different circles. The downside was not knowing and embracing her core identity in solitude and
without needing to do something or be someone.


  1. Setting and maintaining boundaries
  2. Feeling deeply responsible for the feelings of others
  3. Confusion around personal relationship expectations
  4. Ability to work at a high level and fast paced not being matched by people around her
  5. A sense of chronic emptiness
  6. Stretches of very low mood

Measures (Pre initiative measures)

Mental skills assessment (/10)

Focus -6
Confidence -3
Trust- 5
Mindfulness- 5
Optimism -5

Purpose in life measure (/100)

(This measure is the the standardised measure for feeling a sense of meaning and purpose for your life, the Australian average is 45. Anything under 50 is a sign for concern and can increase in 3 points shows a noticeable change in your life.)

Project Outline

Listed below are some (not all) of the initiatives we engaged in to move Megan through the challenges she was experiencing.

  1. Advanced Reflection & Correction
    On a weekly basis, we set up a process of ‘advanced reflection’ this was a weekly deep dive into personal experiences where Megan was able to objectively break down her moment to moment experience and identify
    where she was accidentally distorting things and then go about rearranging them into a healthy and balanced perception. We implemented this across 6 life domains.
  2. Complexity Management Matrix
    Outliers specialises in ‘complexity management’ For Megan this was about the relationship between her attachment style, her multiple roles, her social circle and what her un-met needs in her relationship. What we do is piece together a picture for the client about why certain irritations show up in different domains and then use remedial techniques to soothe them that are completely in the hands of the client. What makes this different to your local Gp and psychologist is a deep appreciation and understanding of the Outlier prototype, the trade off between high functioning capacity and deprived self evaluation. The goal with Meg was to match her intelligence by teaching her the intricate personal skills not simply ‘doing it for her’.
  3. Personal Practices
    These are designed as we go specific to the needs of the person but they are a mix of the following
    – Various meditative techniques
    – Various expressive writing techniques
    – Various mental skills training
    – Various remedial and recovery processors
    – Various talk and dialogue therapies


  1. Megan now has a seriously deep awareness of herself and can very quickly recognsie the motives and intentions of others.
  2. Megan understands with clarity why she has the propensity to self sabotage and that it’s not necessary to do so anymore.
  3. We have seen a significant increase in growth driven habits and a decrease in deprivation habits.
  4. Megan was pitched to be the upcoming CEO but turned it down for another leadership role.
  5. Megan is finding a whole level of enjoyment and personal peace outside of being in a relationship.
  6. Megan is doing things she has always held herself back from, snowboarding, free diving and continual learning.

Mental skills assessment (/10)

Focus -9
Confidence -8
Trust- 8
Mindfulness- 9
Optimism -6
Purpose in life measure (/100)
79 /100

'Nathaniel Hodges is a very special human. I’ve been working with Nat for 2 years now and I can’t imagine life without our weekly calls. The change I’ve seen in myself over these last 2 years has been nothing short of vast and transformative, although not always pleasant, but hands down worth it. He’s helped me gain an awareness of myself that I never knew was possible through challenging conversations, thought-provoking concepts and bringing to light other perspectives to consider. Nat has a gift; he can see things other people miss and allows the individual to be the source for the curriculum in their own personal development, giving them what they actually need rather than providing the same content for every person. I’ve sailed through some rough waters during my time working with Nat, but he helped me to navigate myself through it and make it out the other side with some very valuable wisdom and learnings to take forward into the future. The more I work with Nat, the more I start to feel truly like myself and confident in who I am as a person, as well as who I’m becoming. I’ll be forever grateful that Nat came into my life when he did.'
-Megan Granville

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