Spectrum of consciousness

A basic overview of the spectrum of consciousness and how they show up in the world


Biege – archaic Instinctual
The level of basic survival , food , water, warmth, sex and safety have priority
Habits and instincts
Self is barley awakened or sustained.

Where seen:
First human societies
New born infants
Senile elderly
Late stage alzheimers
Mentally ill street people
Staving masses

Purple- Magic animistic
Thinking is animistic, magical spirits swarm the earth leaving good and bad blessings and curses.
Spells that determine events. The spirits exists in ancestral lines and forms the tribe. This sounds ‘holisitic’ but is still very pre rational.

Where seen:
Belief in voodoo
Blood oaths
Ancient grudges
Luck charms and family rituals
Ethnic beliefs and superstitions
Strong in third world countries, gangs, athletic teams and corporate ‘tribes’


Red- Power gods
First emergent sense of self outside of the tribe, powerful, impulsive, egocentric heroic. Mythic narrative, dragons, beasts, kings and heroes. Lords protecting people in exchange for labour and obedience. This level forms the basis of feudal empires for power and glory. The world is full of
threats and predators. Enjoys self to the fullest without regret or remorse.

Where seen:
The terrible twos
Rebellious youth
Feudal kingdoms
Epic hero’s and warriors
Soldiers of fortune
Wild rock stars eg Motley Cru

Blue- Conformist rule
Life has meaning direction and purpose, with outcomes determined by the all powerful other or order. This righteous order enforces a code of conduct based on absolutistic and unwavering principles of right and wrong. Violating the code has sever repercussions.

Following the code has
great reward for the faithful. This is the basis of ancient nations, rigid social hierarchies. ‘there isonly one right way’. Impulsivity is controlled through responsibility and guilt. Often religious but doesn’t have to be, can be secular absolutism or mission absolutism.

Where seen:
Puritan America
Confucianist China
Singapore discipline
Honour cultures
Islamic fundementlaism
Moral majority


Orange – Scientific Achievement
The self escapes the herd mentality of blue and seeks truth and meaning in individualism.
Experimental, deductive reasoning, highly objective, mechanistic. Operates scientifically in a sense. The world is a rational well oiled machine with natural laws that can be learned and mastered for my own purposes . Achievement orientated, the laws of science appear to rule all
areas of life. Life is one big chain of cause and effect, multiple games are being played which in turn create winners and losers. Winners get the perks and the loses simply must earn how to play better. Market place alliances and the world is full of resources for capital gain.

Where seen:
The enlightenment
Atlas Shrugged
Wall Street
The cold war
Trophy hunting
Emerging Middle class around the world
Liberal self interest

Green- The sensitive self
Human bonding, family and networking come into the priorities. Communitarian, the human spirit is trying to free itself from greed, dogma and being divided. Feelings and caring start to supersede cold rational thinking. Starts to seek lateral connection not just hierarchical gain, can sometimes turn on the hierarchy itself. Permeable self , relational self, group intermeshing and merging.

Emphasis on dialogue and relationship. This is the basis of collective communities. Reaches decisions through reconciliation and consensus (downside. Interminable ‘processing’ and incapacity to reach decision). A refreshing of interiors and spirituality can lead to a deconstruction of reality into relativistic value systems. Subjective non liner thinking shows a greater degree of warmth, sensitive and caring for the earth and all its inhabitants. Although it has its interesting idiosyncrasies, green must happen to make way for integration at the next stage.

Where seen:
Deep ecology
Canadian health care
Humanistic psychology
Green eace
Climate change groups
Political correctness
Human rights

After this is what Clare Graves called the monumental leap to meaning. A giant chasm of great depth is crossed. One is on the path to be able to think horizontally and laterally using both hierarchies and heterarchies. One for the first time can grasp his/her entire spectrum of consciousness at one time. Each wave or ‘meme’ is crucial for the health of the entire spectrum.

Each hidden map should and can be active for specific life circumstances but none of the above maps on its own can fully appreciate the existence of the other maps or waves, each of the first tier (above) waves believes its worldview is the correct or best perspective and when challenged in reacts negatively.
Blue order is very uncomfortable with both red impulses or orange individualism.

Orange achievement thinks blue order is for suckers and green bonding is weak and woo-woo.

Green egalitarianism cannot easily abide by excellence and value rankings, big pictures or anything that appears authoritarian and thus reacts strongly to blue, orange and anything post green ….. someone deep in green pathology can think thew world has gone mad.


Turquoise – integrative
Life is kaleidoscope of naturally formed hierarchies, systems and forms become flexible spontaneous. Functionality takes highest priority, Differences can be quickly integrated into natural and interdependent flows. Egalitarianism is complemented with natural degrees of excellence where appropriate. Knowledge and competence supersede rank, power or status . The prevailing world order is a result of the existence of different levels of reality and the inevitable patterns moving up and down them.

Where seen:
Purpose Driven companies
Humanitarian- profitable organisaations
Integral medicine