The 'Self love' Era Has To Stop

This ‘Self Love’ era has to stop, it’s damaging and dangerous.

Lets lay it out as clear as possible. The original term (self-love) has biblical roots.

‘Proper self-love is achieved inversely through the renunciation of selfishness’…. Meaning, sacrifice is the way to self-love.

These days the term is used with such entitlement and rebellion that somehow it’s celebrated and championed (facepalm). This gives people permission to feel offended and avoid their personal responsibility.

If you let people cross your personal boundaries, you don’t stand up for yourself, you don’t apply yourself fully, you don’t confront hard situations, you don’t have direction, you can’t articulate what you want, you continue to tolerate poor behavior, you judge other people harshly, you don’t follow through on your word, your jealous behind closed doors, you hate when people win, you cast imaginary spells on happy people, you pull down others relationships and you fill your body with poor nutrition.

You pull the ‘self-love’ card in an attempt to rehabilitate some pride so you don’t completely self destruct.

It’s not hard to understand why you reach for selfishness to try and fill your cup up but I don’t need to tell you its a vicious cycle. Cycles can only exist around a central point (you).

If you have all the above bases covered in a growth orietnated way you won’t ever feel the need for self-love or self-care because it’s inherent. At most, you will take some time for recovery 🙂 which you should.

Here are some terms to understand before you comment 🙂

Self-esteem/ The part of you that measures your relationship with yourself

Self Respect/ Your ability to set boundaries and stick by them (requires microaggression by the way)

Self Trust/ Consistent thoughts and behavior over time

Self-compassion/ A deep knowing of who you are without judgment

Respsonsibility/ A clear understanding that every choice you have made has created your current world and sitauation.

ps- Loving yourself requires all of the above…. which means you need to discipline, focus, attention, certainty, bravery, consistency, and clarity.

Stop fooling yourself, the only people buying it are the problem.