There is alignment and everything else

There is alignment and everything else

From corporate structure to the foothills of Tibet, you are likely to encounter the word alignment.

It is very self explanatory but also has the potential to become metaphysically complicated in some schools of spiritual thought. I was to offer a way to look at it in a personal context.

‘ Your ability to recognise the relationship between your motives, environment, objectives and progress. A sense of knowing your efforts are contributing to the advancement of a cause.’

Alignment is best described relatively, as it depends on the understanding of relationship.

From personal observations, it seems clients report a sense of ease, energy, efficiency and perspective upgrades. common symptoms of self reported alignment is the following.

Alignment is starting to look very attractive but it’s also a TRAP!. Like all states of the mind and body, the moment you actively pursue it, it becomes the horizon, a never ending journey to nowhere. This doesn’t mean that we simply abandon the idea of starting the process. It just means we approach it with an indirect intent. I suppose its kind of like cooking an epic broth, we are going to cook the bones, tenderise the meat, soften the vegetables, add the herbs and let it simmer all so we can get rid of everything…

What is left is the nutrient dense broth, aka alignment.

Lets set the context, alignment is always there waiting of you to get in accord with it. It’s not something that needs to be found, you do not need to go on an epic spiritual quest, turn vegan or burn white sage incense…

‘People will find great deals of resistance and suffering when they hold an expectation that others should be more like them.’

1. It seems I say and do the right thing at the right time.
2. I’m doing less but achieving more.
3. I realised I have everything I need around me.
4. If it’s not immediately accessible i realised i didn’t need it.
5. I received answers for my purpose and vision in life.
6. The mission on how to get there become clear.

Mind Your Own Business

In other words orientate your mind towards your own dealings and feelings. How you conduct yourself and act is inextricably linked to the daily operation of your mind. We tend to have a built in bias that says ‘if only everyone was more like me.’ If they are not imposing on anyone, let people be, let your actions do all the talking and pick your battles. judgment is easy because attempting non bias thinking challenges everything about the human condition, but exaggerated judgment cuts you off from alignment.


Find areas of consistency and start there.

The word alignment does nothing for the attainment of it. Its a sensation, an embodiment of sorts. To become familiar with it find a time that best describes the following. A time where everything fell into place, your environment and the people in it provided perfect resources to solve problems and there was progression without the struggle to progress? it can be as simple as organising a day at the beach to bootstrapping your first business and through a perculiar relationship your first big client emerged. Once you have a reference point you now have evidence and a place to always visit internally. Like the buddhist saying ‘ There is always a place of refuge in the self.’


Alignment is concurrent with sacrifice
Part of our structure of evaluation is sacrifice. We tend to place a value on someone based on their scale of sacrifice for us or a cause. If a millionaire donates $100 we don’t blink an eye lid but if someone on their last $50 for the week decides to give that to someone in need, it seems to invigorate us with the thought that there is still hope for our species. The dollar amount means nothing, what means everything is the relationship or relative sacrifice. The later example MUST be operating from a place of alignment, a sense of knowing that regardless of what happens they will be looked after. The take home message is sacrifice comes before alignment, not the other way around and any counter argument is hubristic. just ask yourself this ‘ what does a person look like that has never sacrificed anything?’  You have your answer..


Live in accordance with nature.

You have heard it before, maybe from the stoics? or even eastern philosophy. The idea that we are no different to the environment around us insofar as we are required by the environment as much as we need it. Here we are again back in the category of ‘relationship’. The intellectual understanding will give you a good starting point here, simply pulling one side of a steering wheel down inevitably lifts the other side up. so are we pulling or pushing? well it’s both.

This is the relationship between human experience and nature, so the more you resist your self, the more you are out of accordance with nature. Here is where we must make a critical distinction.
So by not resisting, does that mean fly by the seat of my pants and let my animal desires of food, sex and status take over? no.

A perspective I like to take from the stoics is not taking the term ‘nature’ so literally. It’s entirely possible that when they said ‘live in accordance with nature’ they meant, live in accordance with YOUR nature. Get aligned to the whispers, to what your heart has been saying forever, the pulls you feel to certain people, places, skills and gifts. What do you find terribly easy that others find hard? remember ‘its probably just in your nature.’

To conclude this we must make mentioned of responsibly. Nobody but you can make this happen. Before you are the master you must be the fool, which likely means you will go backwards before you go forwards. It has nothing to do with this article, the teacher, the program or the drugs but the readiness of the beholder.

don’t ask your circumstances or the world to change so you focus.
Who you are becoming is already here.